About the Artist

In bridging the gulf between the genres of Representation and Abstraction, I continue to explore the psychology of visual perception. I want to recast the problems of environmental abuse and waste using a variety of intellectual themes: the presentation and disruption of the visual narrative, the fluid psychological relationship between real and imagined spaces, and a fantastical, more intimate union between man and nature.
 Nature is viewed not in terms of the peace and serenity of urban/suburban associations, but rather as an internal arena of survival and a fertile ground for visual fiction.  Processes of release, dispersal and disappearance merge.  My goal is to produce an image that is beatiful, intriguing and thought provoking.
Born and raised in New England, I currently live and work in San Diego.
My work is held in private collections in Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Georgia, California and Arizona.

My Latest Series

My latest series regenerates mundane castoffs (old sweaters and shirts, a bathrobe, wire, twine, recycled paints, chop sticks, straw) into rich textures open to many layers of meaning and interpretation. Through the lengthy process of representing the object of my current focus -- a lifeless tree trunk, I deliberate on the complex relationship between meaning, message and essence, probing the texture's visual possibilities and its power to evoke an array of emotional responses and insights.

Are they complex, intricate trees?  Are they some other kind of organic
structure?   Or are they a metaphor for life's larger meaning?